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This resource was created by us in order to help investors in choosing the most prospective ICO. Almost every day there are new projects, and investors cannot always keep track of the latest things, and sometimes even to understand which project is worthy to invest. Therefore, our specialists constantly monitor the market, adding new projects and collecting data on them. In addition, we provide investors with access to ratings from third-party rating agencies, counting a weighted average rating to make the rating more objective.

We tend to make our analytics not only complete, but also useful for everyone, because the preparation of the correct investment portfolio begins with the correct data source.

Welcome to Global ICO Analytics!

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ICO listing and Top-Rated ICO's

In this section of the site we offer the ICO rating list, which simplifies the evaluation of projects based on blockchain technology. Useful information is presented in user-friendly form. The data is updated by the responsible employees in the on line mode, using reliable sources. This information is useful for relatively fast actions on the stock exchange and long-term investments.

What is ICO? Do’s and Don’ts of choosing an ICO

Chains of information blocks (blockchain) are used not only for the issue of coins, which surpass the classic fiat currency by many parameters. This technology is suitable for the organization of state and corporate voting systems. It is used for creation of games, commercial and scientific networks of data exchange, solution of other practical problems.

For quick implementation of scale plans The ICO (Initial Coin offering) mechanism is used. Its similarity to the known abbreviation IPO (Initial public offering) is explained by such appointment. This method is necessary for developers to attract sufficient amount of funds. At the same time, a working network is formed.

Sometimes instead of ICO, they use an abbreviation of ITO, which designates the initial tokens offering. Apart the functions of coins they are used as means of admittance to the instrumental part of the project.

As with the regular stock exchange, new assets at the initial placement can be purchased at a minimum cost. In some situations, tokens offer completely free of charge, or for performing simple promotional actions. List of all the best ICOs helps to make the right decision quickly even for inexperienced people.

How to use the ICO rating?

Individual items are presented in a single form for the convenience of use and quick comparative analysis. The information in the ICOlist can be sorted in increasing /decreasing order, alphabetically, and other criteria. There is information about the date of cryptocurrency issue, and developers. If necessary, it is possible to quickly sort the information by capitalization level and other financial indicators.

Evaluation of ICO projects

For an objective assessment of projects, all important data are checked in the complex. Experts recommend paying attention to the following nuances:

  • clear conditions for investors;
  • the exact action plan for the development of the project;
  • lack of overly lucrative and unrealistic promises;
  • practicality of the project, supported by the actual benefits for a particular sector of society/ commerce/ production.

A lot of useful information is in the relevant sections of the site. This table contains summary data on the The best list of ICOs

How to choose a successful ICO and not miss?

In order not to miss a potentially successful project, you should timely receive information about new products. Instead of independent searches on the Internet, it is easier and more convenient to use the services of an ICO Rating Agency. We collect thematic data and post positive and negative news without notional edits. Special marks in the table speed up the operational check. In addition to the regular visiting our website, you can personalize the newsletter messaging.

What should I look for when investing in ICO?

For the correct investment, in addition to the above factors, they check the competitive advantages of the project in comparison with existing analogues. The initial stage is characterized by low cost, but maximum risks. If the solution is already being implemented, it is easier to make an assessment based on the results. This information can be found in the information review on ICO review sites.

In addition to detailed elaboration of the road map, it is recommended to check its implementation. Caution is exercised with inaccurate observance of the approved time schedule. It is great when significant portion of the funds raised is aimed for improvement of the project by the developers.

Financial indicators of the crypto rating ICO are estimated in dynamics. Sustainable capitalization growth is important. It is necessary to check the volume of tokens available for purchase. With the help of the chart, it is not difficult to find out whether the current level of sales is enough for a successful ICO.

The best ICO rating sites publish weighted indicators of individual projects, taking into account the popularity in well-known social networks. the activity on the discussion forums should be positively noticed. Check in detail the developers, their previous experience and achievements.

To obtain the above information is not necessary to visit a variety of Websites for ICO Ratings and Reviews. We receive the necessary data quickly and free of charge, in a clear and easy to analyze format. For qualified advice, visitors turn to the duty officer.