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Aerum (XRM)

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This is blockchain platform dedicated to creating applications for programmable P2P finance with free transactions for consumers. It is aimed to launch financial marketplaces, prediction markets, gaming ecosystems through its unique offering.




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Development of financial software, p2p trasfer, web and mobile wallets.

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Financial details

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PreICO value: 

1 XRM = 0.05 USD

ICO value: 

1 XRM = 0.06 USD

Token Distribution: 

  • Token sale : 60%
  • Operations and growth reserve : 10%
  • Marketing, legal and community building : 10%
  • Founding team and Advisors : 10%
  • Seed investors : 10%

Fund usage: 

  • Product Development : 50%
  • Adoption and Grants : 15%
  • Operations and infrastructure costs : 10%
  • Business development and legal expenses : 10%
  • Marketing and community building : 10%


20000000 USD


5000000 USD


Attracted %: 

Road map

What is done: 

November 2017 Project Inception. May 2018 TestNet launch. August 2018 Beta Release. 7th September 2018 Starts Private Token Sale Round. 15th October 2018 Starts Whitelisted Token Sale Round.

What is planned: 

31st December 2018 End Private and Whitelisted token sale rounds. 1st January 2019 Starts Crowdsale Round. 31st January 2019 Ends Crowdsale Round; Token Sale completes. February 2019 Exchanges Listing; MainNet self-launch; Web Wallet Release; Mobile Wallet Release; Integration Toolkit Release; Cross-chain Swaps Release. March 2019 Aerum Developer Meetup. April 2019 Collateral Gateway Release. May 2019 Aerum developers hackaton. June 2019 Token Payment Protocol Release. July 2019 Production Release v1.0; Aerum Conference. December 2019 Production  v2.0 Release. July 2020 Production  v3.0 Release.

Road map progress: