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Impresso (XIM)

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Business Services


Blockchain and mobile application based company providing profile and CV data validation for the recruitment and networking industry.




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HR, skills, educational and career data validation, job hunting, recruitment, networking.

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Blockchain information

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Financial details

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PreICO value: 

1 XIM = 0.616 USD

ICO value: 

1 XIM = 0.77 USD

Token Distribution: 

  • Token sale : 76.72%
  • Team & advisors : 18%
  • Enterprise development : 5%
  • Bounties : 0.28%

Fund usage: 

  • Operations & administration : 30%
  • R & D : 30%
  • Community development : 25%
  • Business development : 10%
  • Legal : 5%


54000000 USD


3000000 USD



Attracted %: 

Road map

What is done: 

Q1 2016 CTI (Commission of Technology and Innovation) training and kickstart. Q2 2016 Startup incubator at La Forge (EPFL). Q1 2017 Launch MVP product Ideation & Collaborative Networking for the recruitment and patent industry. Q2 2017 Alpha version launch on iOS and Android (Protopidea). Q3 2017 Business model expansion to start development of new features. Q4 2017 Beta version completed (Protopidea Closed); IMPRESSO Labs was born with the incorporation of blockchain technology. Q1 2018 First Angel investment (Company valuation at CHF2M). Q2 2018 Development of new mobile application. Q3 2018 Launch Mobile MVP (iOS and Android).

What is planned: 

Q4 2018 Launch of APP MVP; Private Sale. Q1 2019 Company incorporation from Sarl to SA; XIM listed on exchanges; Start working on 2 new development sites; ICO Launch. Q2 2019 Release Alpha version of Mobile App. Q3 2019 Revenue from business collaboration and services; Beta version of App with prototype of token economics. Q4 2019 Target 200K Users. Q1 ​2020 Beta version of token economics. ​Q2 2020 Blockchain Profile goes live for testing. Q3 ​2020 Blockchain CV goes live for testing. Q4 ​2020 Blockchain App launch; Educational institutions onboarding; Target of 500K users. ​Q1 2021 Further Business Developments. ​Q2 2021 Validation of educational certificates through the blockchain. Q3 2021 ​SME blockchain onboarding (work certificates); Revenue through token economics. Q4 2021 Candidate Blockchain incorporated into Mobile App; 1M - 2M users. ​Q1 2022 Further Business Developments. Q2 2022 Enterprise onboarding. Q3 2022 Validation of work certificates through the blockchain. Q4 2022 Target of  2M - 6M users. Q1 2023 Further Business Developments. Q2 2023 Test version of complete decentralisation of the platform. Q3 2023 Further Business Developments. Q4 2023 Transformation of platform; Target of 10M - 18M users.

Road map progress: