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SmartContractChain (SCC)

Main information


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Crowdfunding Platform 2.0 based on Blockchain Technology introducing ILP and conventional Token Generation Events.




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Exchanges platforms.

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Blockchain information

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NamePrevious companiesLinks
Rajasekaran YogarajahHalisto GmbH, Swiss Alps Energy AG, TECGROUP GmbH
Gnanasekaran YogarajahHalisto GmbH, Selbstständig, Swiss Alps Energy AG
Csaba UjváriCommIT Smart, Supercharge, SCOLVO
Máté GyömreiCommIT Smart, Attrecto Next Tech Digital Solutions, Silver Frog Informatika
Taras Savchuk1adm
Karan Ahujablockwala, UrbanClap, PayU Payments Private Limited
Arnav Chaudharyblockwala, UrbanClap, Planet Green Bikes, Vulcantronics
Jay VasdewaniLatitude Technolabs, Quantum Technolabs Pvt. Ltd, Codewiz Inc
Dániel SzabóSupercharge Ltd, Ixenit Ltd
Máté IllésAttrecto Next Tech Digital Solutions
Harsh KumarBitguard, blockwala, Aureans


NamePrevious companiesLinks
Naviin KapoorAbu Dhabi Commercial Bank, People Source Marketing Management, Esquire Computer Systems
Joakim HolmerallcoinWiki,, moolya Business Services OÜ
Anders LarssonallcoinWiki, moolya Business Services Pvt. Ltd,
Sanket Agrawal Meetonic, Ixtus Edutainment
Timo TripplerVertex Marketplace, WINNEST, BitMart



Financial details

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ICO value: 

1 SCC = 0.8 USD

Token Distribution: 

  • Token sale : 75%
  • Team and partners : 10%
  • Early angel token owners and advisors : 8%
  • Future contributors : 5%
  • Bounty : 2%

Fund usage: 

  • Exchange Listings : 5%
  • Team : 5%
  • Legal : 10%
  • Operations : 10%
  • Marketing : 30%
  • Development : 40%


30000000 USD


1000000 USD


Attracted %: 

Road map

What is done: 

February 2017 Following several failed Crowdfunding Investments, the Idea of Crowdfunding 2.0 was born. March 2017 A Team with different competencies came together. April 2017 Market analysis revealed the high demand for a transparent and highly secure platform to facilitate crowdfunding. May 2017 First draft Business Plan and Strategy was created. October 2017 Tokensale Application creation commenced. December 2017 Preparations were underway for the TGE Launch. January 2018 Draft Workout of the Whitepaper was readied.Userstories and Requirement spezification for SCC Platform. February 2018 Whitepaper adjustment with questionary of Swiss Authority FINMA was prepared. March 2018 Planning Infrastructure and internal Testsetup. April 2018 Initial Smartcontract development for ILP Process. July 2018 Deploying the Smartcontract for SCC Token. September 2018 Starting Development of Test System SCC Platform. Founding of the company Halisto GmbH, which implements the application together with the existing team under new and experienced project managers. October2018 Launch TCE for SmartContractChain.

What is planned: 

December 2018 Sale End of TGE. Marketing activiy to get initial Projects for SCC Platform. January 2019 Tokensupply / Distribution after TGE. Starting Develpment of Production System SCC Platform. February 2019 Preview version for selected Audience to get Feedback. Outreach to external Exchanges to list SCC token. March 2019 Beta Version, Auditing and Internal Tests. April 2019 Release Candidate, Auditing and public Tests. May 2019 Release 1 Version. App Development for Platform. July 2019 Publish the Freelancer Platform as Servicelayer for SCC Platform. August 2019 Partnership with Auditing services. 22 September 2019 Initial Version of AI for Big Data Analysis. December 2019 Self funded R&D Projects based on AI Results with Community Lead. July 2020 Creating a Foundation for R&D in Pharma and Medical Field. December 2020 Active support to existing Metachains adding value to different Blockchain Frameworks. July 2021 Incubation of value adding companies to SmartContractChain GmbH. December 2021 Expanding and create Foundation on each Continent to support onsite activities. July 2022 Creating a Donationplatform for the Foundations to self sustainability.

Road map progress: