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Smilo (Smilo)

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Smilo is the hybrid blockchain platform that warrants transparency whilst protecting individual's personal data.




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For ensures secure, scalable, quick, and sustainable transactions.

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Blockchain information

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Own token

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Own blockchain



NamePrevious companiesLinks
Elkan RoelenSmart Society Services, Sqills, Elkan
Andy KalbvleeschFreshSolutions, 45FRESH, Startupbootcamp
Patrick JooreSPACE.TM, Blutarsky Content Creation, Grey - Amsterdam
Thomas ModeneisEthereum, Brobot - Crypto Intelligence, MDL Talent Hub
Fabio CruzELOSOFT IT, Self-Employed
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Rodrigo CatalanAccenture Brasil, Buonny Projetos e Serviços, CesTech
René van Reeuwijk​ ​Capgemini, Syfact, Van Reeuwijk Consulting
Robert Alblas​ 42 BV, ANWB, BlumenRiviera
Kelly Robles de Medina42 BV, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Mathyn, Esri Nederland
Daniël Leushuis​ Radiu, Appmakenonline, AdFine
Dion JakobsLR Internet, PayCheckout
Michael Hassan​ The Webstronauts, SeaMar, Tranship B.V.
Nickel van de Mortel​ ​Maastricht Aachen Airport
Jesper WinkelhorstInfotopics, Radiu, Baks Logistiek BV


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Marc WesselinkTriple Jump BV,,
Eyal ShalevEthan, Fairfax Digital, Massive Interactive
Stephan De, The Give Foundation, Swachhcoin
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Startupbootcamp 42 SPACE Anycoin Direct Radiu Altus Staffing Spilberg Perca​ – IT Executive Search Tergos​ – ICT Infrastructure Recruitment Visser & Van Baars​ – BI and Big Data Network Eswelt​ – ERP & CRM Recruitment

Financial details

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ICO value: 

1 SMILO = 0.25 USD

Token Distribution: 

  • Foundation : 36%
  • Private Sale : 32%
  • Team : 14%
  • Public Sale : 10%
  • Community Bounties : 8%

Fund usage: 

  • Development : 55%
  • Marketing : 21%
  • Business Development : 12%
  • Operational Expenses : 10%
  • Legal : 2%



    18000000 USD


    2500000 USD


    Attracted %: 

    Road map

    What is done: 

    Q1 2017 Idea from Elkan Roelen (founder). Q2 2017 Forming Smilo’s team; First written foundations. Q3 2017 Start prototype development; Research of different network protocols and consensus algorithms. Q4 2017 Whitepaper development; First partnerships; Prototype development: Implementation of blocks, transactions and verifications. Q1 2018 Website launch; Official BV registration; Opening community channels; Prototype development implementation of: Smilo BFT+ with SPoRT Private transactions. Q2 2018 Private sale; Prototype development: Implementation of light wallet; Open-source prototype on Github; Starting development of: SmiloVM; SmiloContract; Smilo SDK. Q3 2018 Private pre-sale; Starting testnet development; Starting hardware wallet development. Q4 2018 Testnet launch; Light wallet launch.

    What is planned: 

    Q1 2019 Community-driven performance tests; Consult and help partners with first Dapps. Start development of Smilo's secret Dapp.   Q2 2019 Public sale; Mainnet launch; SmiloContract development; Implementing new languages; Language choice based on community votes; Mainnet launch event; Token Distribution; Exchange listing.   Q3 2019 Hardware wallet launch; First DevCon Smilo developers; Multiple Dapp launches by partners.   Q4 2019 Start DEX development.   2020 Extend Improved Sharding; Multiple hardware wallet support; Self sovereign identity.   2021 Off-Chain transactions.

    Road map progress: