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SocialRemit (SR-EUR)

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Investment & Trading


SocialRemit represents a revolutionary service created to offer start-ups financial and technological instruments powered by blockchain.



United Kingdom

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Financing, Project.

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Leonardo Reyes
Rahim ShakerServicios Juridico y Financiero Mediterraneo S.L, Mediterranean Globe Trade Co
Sammy El-shafiEleventh Hour Medical Ltd, Sydney Maxwell
Willson Mendoza
David Martin Zamora


NamePrevious companiesLinks
Vicente Garcia RodriguezCapacitación y Actualización Profesional S.C., JIBDA & Asociados S.A. de C.V., Centro de Planeación
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Grigory Wazin
Miguel Muñoz GarciaMariano del Pino, Bambolinó Espectáculos, Club de Negocios México-Barcelona
Adriana Lopez
Sonia GrebenisanSmith School of Business at Queen's University, Rogers Communications, Varsity Communities Inc.


Uneekin, Hiperion Studios, Benni Translation Services

Financial details

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1 SR-EUR = 0.40 EUR

ICO value: 

1 SR-EUR = 0.60 EUR

Token Distribution: 

  • General sale of tokens  16.66 : 60%

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    180000000 USD




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    Road map

    What is done: 

    Q3 2017 Concept Design; Inception of original idea; Exploration of blockchain ecosystem to identify suitable core technologies; Creation of corporate image of the project n brands; Okay Money Transfer (remittance sending); S1W (Crypto Exchange and Global crowdfunding real-estate tourist Investments). Q4 2017 Legal and Technical talent attraction started; Seed phase lead by private investors; Opening of the development offices. Q1 2018 Legal Structure (Campmany Asesores Sl Barcelona Spain); Advice for the implementation of blockchain technology in the European legal framework; Beginning of the constitution of companies; SocialRemit Blockchain Networks LTD, Okay Money Transfer, S1W in United Kingdom, Spain and Malta; High level, service-oriented architectural planning of the Okay Money Transfer and S1W Platform. Q2 2018 Technical Specification; Creation of the Tokens ERC20: SRT and private commercialization of 50 million tokens; Developed the application 1.0 Home Valuation Algorithm; Exploratory data and feasibility analysis; Initiate large-scale marketing campaign; Token Pre-sale. Q3 2018 Public Token Sale (ICO); Develop 2.0 Application. Obtain legal and regulatory licenses.

    What is planned: 

    Q1 2019  Start the application 2.0;  Begin incremental launch of the Okay; Money Transfer and S1W Platform.     Q2 2019  S1W Crypto Exchange Launch.     Q3 2019  Sw1 global crowdfunding real-estate Tourist Investments.

    Road map progress: