Professional ICO Analytics
Professional ICO Analytics

How does "ICO analyst" evaluate ICO projects?

Below we will provide a methodology for calculating some indicators that can help you to assess the prospects of each ICO project more objectively.

Weighted average rating

This indicator is aggregated and the ratings of 14 agencies are used to count it:

  1. ICObench
  2. ICORating
  3. ICOmarks
  4. ICOholder
  5. TrackICO
  6. Foundico
  7. Cryptorated
  8. Foxico
  9. ICOstock24
  10. CoinGecko
  11. ICObazaar
  12. ICORanker
  13. Coinschedule

Of course, there are much more rating agencies, and we could take into account all of them, but many of them either put their assessment on the basis of the visitors voting, either do not tell the criteria of ratings, or give estimates only on a fee-paying basis. Therefore, from the general mass we have chosen those companies which, in our opinion, give the most objective estimation and do not conceal its criteria. Among other things, these are some of the most authoritative ICO agencies. Of course, this list is not complete and most likely it will be expanded with the new reputable agencies.

Estimates are assigned a weight in the form of site popularity of each agency (source - PR-CY Analysis), and then a weighted average rating is counted. In the absence of an evaluation of an agency, it is not counted in the calculation. The maximum estimate is 100.

For example, if the ICO received estimates only from two agencies of fourteen (the first-2.3 out of 5, the second-8.7 out of 10), and their popularity for a month was: the first-40 000 people, the second-70 000 people, the weighted average rating will be calculated as follows:

where x is the project rating received from each agency,

  • Y – popularity of each agency per month,
  • Z – the highest possible rating of each agency,
  • n – Number of agencies counted the project rating,
  • M – Weighted average rating.

By substituting our data in the formula, we get:

Thus, the Weighted average rating of our ICO is 72.09 points from 100.

This method of counting is introduced by us, as rating agencies have a rather strong influence on the opinions of the investors, and if, for example, a project from one agency got 5 points out of 5, and from another-2 out of 5, then in fact it does not say anything. In addition to the assessment itself, it is important how many people have read it. After all, if the score of 5 points will be seen by 100 people, and the score of 2 points by 1000, then more than 90% of investors would believe that the project is unsuccessful, and will not invest in it. It is the reason why we use the estimation, weighted on popularity of sites, instead of the usual average score.

Road Map Analytics

This indicator specifies the degree of the project readiness in relation to the plan stated in the road map. The rating is given for the day specified in the ‘Last Update’ column. We specify the percentage of execution of the road map, which is calculated as the ratio of the passed stages to their total number (passed + planned). In this case, we try not to take into account the insignificant stages (for example, "Gathering the team" or "Idea was formalized"), because their processing by the team is almost easy, and they are not particularly affecting on the result.

Using this indicator, investors can estimate how far the team has advanced in the implementation of the plan, and, accordingly, how long it will have to wait for the return on investment in long-term investment.


We use several statuses to specify at what stage the ICO process is:

  1. Upcoming- is used when the date of the ICO has not yet arrived (the Pre-ICO date is not considered);
  2. On going – is used when the date of the ICO start has arrived, and the date of its end has not arrived yet;
  3. Ended – is used when the ICO end date has already passed;
  4. Canceled – is used if ICO was scheduled, but for some reason has been canceled.

The statuses help the investor to orientate at what stage the interesting project is.

Other sections of our site provide investors the most useful short information that can be collected from official sources for each ICO. To obtain information, we study and use:

  1. project sites;
  2. Whitepaper;
  3. Lightpaper;
  4. social networks;
  5. ICO branches on Forum;
  6. Websites of ICO-trackers.